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About the functional use of the oil seal

Engine: Crankshaft--Crankshaft front, rear oil seal: valve--valve oil seal (engine repair kit o-ring) (distributor oil seal, pump oil seal, balance shaft oil seal, oil pump oil seal); camshaft--camshaft Oil seal; transmission: transmission - front and rear oil seal shift lever oil seal (transmission repair kit o-ring) (transfer - front and rear oil seal); rear axle: half shaft - rear axle oil seal ; differential - (front) rear angle oil seal, rear wheel oil seal; front wheel oil seal, steering oil seal (direction machine repair kit o-ring) direction booster oil seal (front half shaft oil seal).

All parts of the operating body box that contain liquid lubricant and are connected to the outside require an oil seal. Some are rubber, some are metal, most are steel-bone rubber, such as crankshaft rear oil seal, gearbox front and rear oil seal, left and right half shaft oil seal, main reducer front oil seal, air compressor crankshaft oil seal, etc.

Ordinary single lip shape B(SC)

Generally used for high and low speed rotating shafts and reciprocating motion to seal mineral oil and water.

Ordinary oil seal, used when there is less dust and impurities. When the medium pressure is <0.05MPa, the maximum linear speed is 15m/s and the reciprocating speed is <0.1m/s.

Ordinary double lip shape FB(TC)

In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics of the S-type oil seal, it is also dust-proof.

Ordinary oil seal, dustproof lip can be dustproof, when the medium pressure is <0.05MPa, the linear speed is ≤15m/s.

No spring type BV

The single-lip type inner rubber-free rubber seal with no spring.

Generally suitable for low speed applications, the sealing medium is a lubricating ester. Line speed ≤ 6m / s.

Exoskeleton single lip shape W

The single-lip exposed skeleton rubber seal with spring has a thin waist, good followability and good rigidity.

Common oil seal, used when there is less dust and impurities, and the medium pressure is <0.05MPa. The case where the rotational axis speed is ≤15 m/s.

External skeleton double lip shape FW

Exposed skeletal rubber oil seal with lip, thin waist, good followability, high rigidity and good coaxiality.

Ordinary oil seal, dustproof lip can be dustproof, and the medium pressure is <0.05MPa. Speed ​​≤ 15m / s.

Assembled single lip FZ

The outer frame oil seal made of the inner and outer skeletons is rolled and has high installation precision, fast heat dissipation and heavy load characteristics.

Applicable to heavy and negative working conditions under high temperature and high speed conditions, medium pressure ≤0.05MPa, maximum line speed ≤15m/s.

One-way reflow type right-handed SR, left-handed DL

There is an angled rib in the lip air measurement, which uses the principle of fluid mechanics to produce a one-way pumping action with a backflow effect.

Related to the direction of rotation of the shaft. Due to the backflow effect, the radial force is smaller than that of the ordinary oil seal, which reduces wear and heat generation and improves service life. It is suitable for medium pressure <0.05MPa, and the speed is ≤20m/s.

Pressure-resistant NY

The lips are short, the waist is short and thick, and it has a pressure resistance effect, and the working pressure is ≤3 MPa.

Applicable to the case where the medium pressure is ≤3MPa, it is suitable for the shaft end oil seal of the high pressure pump. In general, the PV value is ≤8. The axis of rotation speed is ≤15m/s.

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