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The cause of the problem with the oil seal

Main factors causing oil seal leakage

The tight seal of the oil seal is the main cause of oil leakage. When the shaft wears and forms a groove, even if the new oil seal is not sealed, the contact pressure of the oil seal lip and the shaft is lowered, and the interference between the diameter of the oil seal lip and the shaft diameter after installation is too small.

The S195 diesel engine crankshaft oil seal is taken as an example. The main reasons for the poor sealing are:

1 Oil seal manufacturing quality is poor.

The quality of the 2-axis or bearing is poor.

3 Improper use and maintenance.

4 Improper installation.

5 Improper storage, adversely affected by environmental pollution.

The oil seal is not tight and the oil leakage measures

1. Master and identify the basic knowledge of counterfeit products, and purchase high-quality, standard oil seals.

2. When installing, if the outer diameter of the shaft diameter is low or there are defects such as rust, rust, burr, etc., smooth it with fine sand cloth or oil stone; apply clean motor oil at the corresponding position of the oil seal lip or shaft diameter or Lubricating grease. Apply sealant to the outer ring of the oil seal, wrap the key groove on the shaft with hard paper to avoid scratching the lip of the oil seal. Use a special tool to rotate the oil seal inward. Do not harden the hard seal to prevent the oil seal from deforming. Or the spring is broken and the spring is broken; if the lip is turned over, the spring is detached, and the oil seal is skewed, it must be removed and reloaded. It should be noted that when the shaft diameter is not worn and the oil seal spring is strong enough, do not tighten the inner spring without authorization.

3. The oil seal applied to the machine generally has poor working conditions, large environmental temperature difference, dust, and frequent vibration of the machine.

4. If the shaft diameter and bearing wear are serious; oil seal rubber aging or spring failure, etc., repair and replace the corresponding parts in time.

5. The components or assemblies that are not normally heated should be rectified in time; avoid mechanical overspeed and overload operation to prevent the temperature of the oil seal lip from rising, the rubber aging, and the early wear of the lip.

6. Always check the oil level of the engine oil. If there are too many impurities in the oil, replace the new oil with the alloy powder and metal iron chips. The oil brand and quality should be changed according to the season requirements. It is recommended to add Mettler Super Sealant & Lubricant to the oil. It is an excellent gearbox additive that forms a film of inert material on the part that slows the leakage of the oil seal and extends the use of the oil seal gear. Lifetime can also reduce the noise of the gearbox. The use of this Mettler super-sealing lubricant will not pollute the oil or degrade the oil.

Instructions for use:

1 When the lubricating oil volume of the reducer is ≤7 liters, the amount of lubricant added per liter is 20-30 ml.

When 27-15 liters, add 15-20 ml per liter of lubricant.

3>15 liters, the amount added is 10 ml per liter of lubricating oil.

7. Oil seals that are not used temporarily should be kept safely to prevent oil, dust or sun exposure.

8. When the shaft diameter is worn into a "V" shaped groove, the new oil seal lip and the shaft contact pressure can not be used to seal the oil, and the displacement method can be used to make up.

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