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Grease seal

The dust seal is mainly used to remove dust, sand, rain and frost attached to the outer surface of the cylinder by the reciprocating piston rod to prevent external dust and rain from entering the inside of the sealing mechanism. A good dust ring should be a sharp lip structure with a low coefficient of friction. This can prevent external dust from entering the system and also reduce the wear of the device.

The surface of the cylinder rod is adhered with an oil film. The use place of the cylinder generally has dust or sand, etc. These dust, sand and the like are bonded to the oil film on the surface of the piston rod, and are brought into the oil cylinder to scratch the lip of the lip seal on the piston rod, or Scratches on the surface of the piston rod can cause media leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a dust seal on the outside of the piston rod seal ring near the end face of the cylinder barrel.

The dust ring is installed in the groove. Because the lip of the dust ring has a certain amount of interference between the lip and the piston rod, the lip of the dust ring is in close contact with the surface of the piston rod.

The piston rod reciprocates, and dust, sand, etc. adhering to the surface of the piston rod are removed by the dust seal. There is a certain gap between the right side of the lip of the dust ring and the piston rod, which can reduce the frictional resistance between the lip of the dust ring and the piston rod.

For the cylinder or drive shaft, the dust ring with PTFE frame and O-ring structure can be used for dustproofing in harsh environmental cylinders and has self-lubricating properties. At the same time, the cylinder piston can be protected from dust damage. Baode combination seals high quality cylinder seals.

Dust ring It is also divided into several types, which can be divided into lip-shaped dust-proof ring, Tecom combination dust-proof ring and Zokang combination dust-proof ring. The lip-shaped dust-proof ring can be divided into skeletons. Lip-shaped dust ring, non-framed lip-shaped dust ring.

1, skeleton lip-shaped dust ring: This product can use the interference fit between the skeleton and the cavity hole to achieve the anti-off, the lip of the dust ring is flush with the end of the cylinder head, this is also the structure The lip can be protected from external damage. Relatively speaking, this product is mostly used in construction machinery, garbage trucks, etc., where the lip of the walking machine is easily damaged.

2, no skeleton lip-shaped dust ring: it is installed in the closed groove at the front end of the cylinder head. When designing, this product must protrude the lip slightly from the end of the cylinder head, so that it is easy to remove the lip. The dirt that is blocked by the mouth. The structure is convenient to install, and the application is relatively wide, and can be used for general industrial hydraulics, traveling hydraulics and pneumatics.

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