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Do you know what a pan seal is?

Spring Seal/spring energized seal/Variseal is a U-type Teflon built-in special spring high-performance seal, with appropriate spring force plus system fluid pressure, the sealing lip (face) is ejected gently The sealed metal surface is pressed to create a very excellent sealing effect. The actuating effect of the spring overcomes the slight eccentricity of the metal mating surface and the wear of the sealing lip while maintaining the desired sealing performance.


Teflon (PTFE) is a sealing material that is superior in chemical resistance to perfluoroelastomers and has good heat resistance. It can be applied to most chemical fluids, solvents, and hydraulic oils and lubricants. It has a small wettability and can be used for long-term sealing performance. It uses various special springs to overcome the elasticity problem of Teflon or other high-performance rubber plastics, and has developed a replaceable majority for static or dynamic (reciprocating or rotary motion). Sealing parts, the temperature range can be from refrigerant to 300 ° C, pressure from vacuum to ultra-high pressure 700kg moving speed up to 20m / s, and the spring can be used in different environments, stainless steel, Elgiloy Hastelloy, etc., so it can be applied to various high temperatures In the case of corrosive fluids.

The universal plug seal can be made according to the AS568A standard O-ring groove (such as radial shaft seal, piston seal, axial surface seal, etc.), completely replacing the general O-ring, because there is no swelling, so Good sealing performance can be maintained for a long time. For example, mechanical seals used in high-temperature corrosive environments of petrochemical processes, the most common causes of leakage, in addition to the uneven wear of the slip ring, the deterioration of the O-ring is also the main cause, the use of HiPerSeal can completely improve the rubber softening, swelling, surface Problems such as roughening and wear, thus greatly increasing the service life of the mechanical shaft seal.

The plugging is suitable for static and static. In addition to the sealing application of the above high temperature corrosive environment, it has a low friction coefficient of the sealing lip, stable sealing contact pressure, high pressure resistance, and allows for large radial yaw (radial run) -out) and groove size error, it is very suitable for the seal of the empty hydraulic cylinder, replacing the U-shaped or V-shaped pressing to obtain excellent sealing performance and service life.

Installation of rotating pan plugs

Rotating pan plugs should only be installed in open channels.

In order to match the contract and no stress, follow the steps below to install:

1. Place the seal in the open groove.

2. With the cover, do not tighten first.

3. Install the shaft.

4. Fix the cover on the body.

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