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Overview of the dust ring

The dust ring is applied to the hydraulic pneumatic piston rod. The main function is to remove the dust attached to the outer surface of the piston cylinder to prevent sand, water and pollutants from entering the sealed cylinder.

At present, most of the dust seals actually used are made of rubber material, and its working characteristic is dry friction, which requires rubber materials to have particularly good wear resistance and low compression set properties. In recent years, new types of dust-proof seals, such as PTFE and O-rings, have been gradually introduced with other materials and rubber materials. This seal combination has a good sealing effect. Long service life and wide application.

There are more and more types of dust-proof rings, which can be divided into various types according to their functions, characteristics, structure types and sealing mechanisms.

1. According to the structure form: rectangular dust seal; chamfered dust seal; foot-shaped dust seal; J-shaped dust seal; triangular dust seal.

2. According to the action: single-acting dust seal; double-acting dust seal.

3. According to the presence or absence of the skeleton: no skeleton dust seal; skeleton type dust seal.

4. Press the combination: single type dust seal; combined type dust seal.


The dust ring can be divided into a lip-shaped dust ring, a Tecom combination dust ring and a Zorco combination dust ring. The lip-shaped dust ring can be divided into a skeleton lip-shaped dust ring and a skeleton-free lip. Shaped dust ring.

(1) Skeleton lip-shaped dust-proof ring: It uses the interference fit between the skeleton and the cavity hole to achieve the anti-off, the lip of the dust-proof ring is flush with the end of the cylinder head, and the structure can protect the lip from the lip. Damaged by external causes, it is often used in construction machinery, garbage trucks and other places where the lip of the walking machine is easily damaged.

(2) Non-skeleton lip-shaped dust ring: It is installed in the closed groove at the front end of the cylinder head. The lip must be slightly protruded from the end of the cylinder head so as to be easy to remove the lip. Dirt. The structure is convenient to install and has the widest application, and can be used for general industrial hydraulics, traveling hydraulics and pneumatics.

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